AVON skin so soft dry oil body spray

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The perfect alternative insect and 'mozzy' repellent!

Avon Skin So Soft was previously known as Woodland Fresh and has always been one of Avon's most popular fragranced bath and body ranges.

Soft & Fresh is exactly the same great formula you know and love but with a new name and sleek new packaging.

Soft & Fresh contains a key ingredient called Citronella.

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A Holiday Essential for any Outdoor Pursuits

This is an exceptionally good insect and 'mozzy' repellent. It has become infamous through word of mouth. We personally sell in excess of 100 bottles a week.

If you like to avoid being bitten whilst gardening or walking, or on your holidays.

Some of my customers even use it on their pets, dogs, cats, horses etc. to keep the flies away

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